Tea Utensils Urasenke Women’s Introductory 6-piece

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Price 40 EURO
Brand Honjien
Color Red, Pink, Gold
Package weight 230 g
Unit count 210 g
For Urasenke, for beginners in a 6-piece lesson set.
When you start practicing tea, it is a basic tool set that you want to prepare. As it is for beginners, it is perfect for those who are looking for club activities, minimum necessary, and urgent preparation.
《Set contents》
■ Nishijin-ori with sashimi
__● Dimensions / approx. 18.3 × 10.7 × 2cm / Fukusa, folding fan, sashimi, and yoji necessary for tea making.
* The box is not attached to the pocket paper included in the set product.
* There are no magnets or buttons in this pocket paper, so it does not close exactly.
■ Stainless steel toothpick with pod for women ● Dimensions / toothpick approx. 9.7 cm, pod approx. 10.5 × 1.9 cm
__● Toothpick material / stainless steel / confectionery cut, used when eating confectionery.
■ Nishijin-ori Kobukusa
__● Dimensions / approx. 15 × 15.9cm / Used when you have dark tea or when you see a tea set.
■ Folding fan Rikyusen
__● Dimensions / approx. 5 inches * The pattern may change depending on the season.
■ Plain paper 1 tatami mat (Mujikaishi Ichijo) for women
__● Dimensions / approx. 14.5 × 17.5cm
__● Contents / 30 sheets / A must-have item for tea utensils.
■ Rayon Fukusa Red
__● Dimensions / approx. 27.5cm × 26.5cm
__● Weight / approx. 32g * Some individuals are available.
__● Materials / 100% rayon * Please refrain from washing.
* Since human silk is different from real silk, whose rank changes depending on its weight, there is no number or mace notation. / It is used to wipe clean tools such as tea bowls, chashaku, and tea utensils during the point.
《※ Caution ※》 The appearance of the pattern may differ from the photo depending on the division of the fissure. Please note that the handle and set contents cannot be replaced.

Set containts:
■ Rayon Fukusa Red ■ Nishijin-ori with sashimi ■ Nishijin-ori Kobukusa ■ Folding fan Rikyusen ■ Plain paper ■ Rayon Fukusa Red
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Weight 210 kg

Gold, Pinky, Red


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