Kobayashi Mother of life Supplement 840 Tablets

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Brand Kobayashi
Taste / Aroma
Package weight 360 g
Unit count 840 Tablets
AboutHormonal disorders every woman is closely associated with the hormone “Estrogen”, which begins to stand out in the ovaries, 8-9 years, 30-35 years reaches its maximum peak, and in 45-50 years, dramatically begins to decline, leading to unpleasant symptoms, the development of atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and premature aging.
Residents of Japan often beginning in adolescence, take natural products that contribute to the normalization of its balance in the body. The life expectancy of Japanese women is the highest in the world – the average age of 84 years. And the Japanese look 10-15 years younger than that it is difficult to immediately determine the age of these women. The average age of menopause in Japanese women – 70 years. This is the merit of this drug that exists and is used in Japanese medicine for over 100 years.
Has estrogen-like effect exerts a powerful effect on the entire female body. The use of the drug causes female hormonal balance back to normal, helps to normalize the menstrual cycle, relaxes and contributes to the complete disappearance of the symptoms in menopause. For the treatment of gynecological diseases has long been used plants, currently their use is becoming more common in clinical practice, as an alternative to medical treatment. Helps in the treatment of infertility. Also eliminates the imbalance of the autonomic nervous system.

● Do not do (If you do not observe it, your current symptoms may worsen or side effects may occur) Do not take this drug if you are breastfeeding, or avoid breastfeeding if you take this drug. Things ● Consultation 1. The following people should consult with a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor before taking
(1) those who are treated by a doctor
(2) pregnant women or those who are thought to be pregnant
(3) allergic symptoms due to medicines etc.
(4) People with weak body (people with weak physical strength, people with weak body)
(5) People with weak gastrointestinal tract and prone to diarrhea
(Daily dose: in 12 tablets) Amount Daio powder 175 mg Glue powder 207 mg Keihi powder 170 mg Senkyu powder 100 mg Soujutsu powder 100 mg Shakuyaku powder 300 mg Bukuryo powder 175 mg Touki powder 300 mg Kobushi powder 50 mg Goshuyu 40 mg Hange 75 mg Carrot salt 40 mg (Vitamin B1) 5mg Riboflavin (bi-additives Al silicate, Mg stearate, cerac, talc, Ca carbonate, titanium oxide, potato starch, gelatin, sucrose, erythrosin, new coccin, sunset yellow FCF, beeswax, carrot burrow
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