Hokkaido fermented Hatomugi seed serum

20  incl. VAT

Brand Hokkaido
Taste / Aroma Herbs
Package weight 100 g
Unit count 30 ml
AboutFermented and aged Coix seed extract,
It is a pearl barley serum that has been used abundantly.

Since it is fermented, it is richer in skin-beautifying ingredients such as amino acids.
For smooth and moisturized skin.
Coenzyme Q10, aged placenta extract, platinum colloid, retinol derivative, etc.
Contains beauty essence ingredients. For age skin problems.
Water, glycerin, DPG, BG, pentylene glycol, saccharomyces / (hattomugi seed / glucose) fermented liquor, dokudami extract, rice fermented liquor, saccharomyces / rice bran fermented liquid extract, sake lees extract, protease, placenta extract, water-soluble proteoglycan, whey (Milk), Ascorbyl glucoside, Someiyoshino leaf extract, Cha leaf extract, Resveratrol, Ubiquinone, Hydrous retinol, Platinum, Elagic acid, Tocotrienol, Uncariatomentosa extract, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Glycogen, Glucosylhesperidine, Neubara fruit extract , Kihada bark extract, cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylate bisethoxydiglycol, rice bran oil, coriander seed oil, sardine oil, ylang ylang flower oil, propanediol, diglycerin, tri (capric acid / capric acid) glyceryl , Carbomer, xanthan gum, (PEG-8 / SMDI) copolymer, hydrogenated lecithin, PPG-6 decyltetradeceth-30, tocopherol, soybean sterol, maltodextrin, K hydroxide, Na citrate, Na phosphate, phosphate , Phenoxyethanol
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